What Do You Need?

What do you need in your life? What are you looking for? Answer with one word.

I believe the thing you truly need can only be obtained through a close relationship with God.

There is a saying that everyone has a God-shaped void inside of them. There is an empty space in each of us. We try to fill it with stuff – a new car, a bigger house, a better job, a better husband. But we still have that emptiness inside.

It’s not uncommon to hear that some rich and famous person has committed suicide. And everyone is like, “WHAT!!!??? They had EVERYthing!” I think a person can have everything that money can buy, go everywhere on the earth and experience every pleasure this world has to offer and yet that empty place is not filled. We say, “Well, if I just had this other thing, I would be happy.” But the rich guy comes to a point where he has bought everything, he has lavished himself with every luxury and pleasure. There is no other thing that he can try to fill that void, to satisfy that longing in his inner self, in his soul. And he says, “I’ve tried everything that I thought would make me happy, what’s the point in living?”

What do you need in your life?

The top answers to this question are:

Galatians 5:22 The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace….
Joy is happiness in good times and bad.
Love, joy and peace grow in our lives when the Holy Spirit fills that God-shaped void.

Many of the ladies in prison would like to have freedom.

John 8:31-32, 36 Jesus said, If you continue in my word, then you are my disciples; And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free…If the Son therefore shall make you free, you shall be free indeed.

There are some who are physically behind bars but have found spiritual freedom. There are some who are physically free but are spiritually bound by sin.

Come into a close relationship with The Lord today!
He is the only One who can fill that emptiness within you!
He is the only One who can satisfy your soul!


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