My Relationship with Jesus Christ

The Lord Jesus Christ is such an integral part of my life. It is only by His strength that I am able to accomplish anything.

I received the gift of salvation as a pre-teen. I was very active in church – attending whenever the doors were open (literally) and taking part in programs and devotions. My Acteens group was a very important part of my life.

Even with that foundation, I made some poor choices in college. While I deeply regret those sinful choices, I have been forgiven and I believe God has used those situations to give me insight into the deceptions Satan uses to draw Christians away from the Lord.

A milestone in my life was the birth of my children. The realization that these little ones would look to me for answers – about God, creation, death – was monumental. I became convicted at my lack of knowledge about God and the Bible. I realized I had only attended services and listened to someone else tell me what the Bible said. I realized I had to search the Scriptures and let God reveal Himself to me. The Lord led me in a study of Genesis. Genesis became my passion. God is still giving me ministry opportunities through Genesis.

Homeschooling was unfamiliar to me. When my twins were six months old, the Lord brought a homeschool family into our path. One day with this family changed our lives. I believe homeschooling is a calling and a ministry. The Lord has used homeschooling to allow my husband and me to raise up our children in the way they should go, that they should not depart from it. The Lord has also given me other ministry opportunities through interaction with homeschool families.

I went to Mexico on my first mission trip in 2005. I went to share the love of Christ with others. His love was multiplied within me. I went to change lives, and my life was changed. During the trip, a spiritual battle ensued, resulting in a victory for the Lord and an assurance of salvation for me. During this trip I worked with women in a Bible study and health/hygiene class and cared for their babies so they could focus on the lesson. It was then that the Lord began impressing me with a desire to minister to women.

I believe the message of the parable of the talents. If we use what we have been given for the Lord, more gifts and responsibilities will be given to us. God has given me spiritual gifts to use for His glory. As I use them, He opens doors for me to use them more, and He also gives me new gifts to use in new ministries. This blog is a new and exciting ministry for me.

The Lord has given me a genuine love for people of all ages. He has also given me an acceptance of and love for people of diverse backgrounds. I pray that this blog will reach many with the love of Jesus Christ.


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