In Prison

You are in prison!
-Why are you here?
-What path would you be on if you were not here?
-What positive things can take place while you are here?
-What positive things can take place after you leave here?

Since you are here, I know that God is working in your life. Does Satan want you to get caught and punished and have an opportunity for rehabilitation? No, he wants you to go on your merry way in sin. But God wants you to stop and think and repent.

Trust the Lord to work a change in your life.

What is Satan’s goal?
— To lower your self-image. You are made in the image of God and Satan hates you.
— To make you feel unworthy of the love and forgiveness of God.
— To cause bitterness, anger, depression. If you answered anything besides “I…..” to the question “Why are you here?” then Satan may be working on bitterness and anger in your life.
— To keep you from salvation
— To damage your witness (if you are a believer)

Do believers make mistakes? Absolutely
Does God still love you even though you have made mistakes? Absolutely
Can God forgive you for sin so great? Absolutely

Lift each other up. Pray for each other. Make this time a positive experience.

What good can come from your time here?
I. You can receive salvation. I can lead you to the One who can give you freedom. There are a lot of people out in the world who are physically free (no bars to restrain them) but they are imprisoned by sin – enslaved. What can enslave them?
Drugs, alcohol, anger, bitterness, depression
You can be physically imprisoned but spiritually free.
Pray that God will free you from the anger, bitterness, depression, drugs, or alcohol that holds you prisoner. John 8:36 If the Son makes you free, you are free indeed. Who is the Son? Jesus Christ.

II. You can make a difference in the lives of others in this place. Lives that I don’t have access to. Ones who won’t enter a church, who won’t come to a Bible study. God has given you a unique opportunity if you will only take advantage of it. Paul and Silas were in prison. They had been beaten and thrown into jail. What did they do? They sang praises. What was the end result? The jailer and his household were saved. Would the jailer have been saved if Paul and Silas had not sang praises in the prison? The jailer was probably pretty amazed by their singing. He probably wondered what was different about these guys.

Why are you here? Would you be in a Bible study today if you were outside? No? Then I say God is at work in your life.

The first step of rehabilitation is to ADMIT you did wrong. The first step of salvation is to ADMIT you’ve done wrong. Admit you are a sinner.


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