You all automatically received a ticket for HELL.
That is true for everyone.
Because we are all sinners, our destination is HELL.
Today we are going to talk about HELL.
And we will talk about how you can
exchange your ticket to Hell for a ticket to Heaven.

Things you’ve heard said about Hell – myths, jokes, come backs
 All my friends are going to be there!
 All the fun people are going to be there!
 It’s going to be a PARTY!
 Satan is going to rule Hell.
 Satan is going to be the tormentor.
 At least hell is going to be interesting. Heaven is going to be boring.
 There is no Hell.
 Hell is a state of mind
 Incinerated and then its over
 I don’t believe a good God would send anyone to Hell
 Hell is not going to last forever.

Things you’ve heard said about Heaven (just for interest)
 Sitting on a cloud, playing a harp
 Sing praise songs for eternity

Today I want us to be MYTH-BUSTERS!
We are going to look at some facts about Hell and see if they line up with
things you’ve heard.

In Luke 16:19-31, Jesus gives us a glimpse into HELL. Actual people. This is the only parable in which Jesus called anyone by name.

Read Luke 16:19-21. In the first three verses we meet two men. One man is rich. He has fine clothes and an abundance of food. The other is a beggar who is laid at the gate of the rich man. The beggar desires to eat of the scraps of food that fall from the rich man’s table. He desires only the food that would be swept up and thrown away. This beggar is covered in sores and the dogs come to lick his sores.
Read Luke 16:22-23. Both the rich man and the beggar die. The rich man is buried. The beggar is carried by angels to Abraham’s bosom. No escort is mentioned guiding the rich man to his new home. In hell, the rich man lifts up his eyes. Jesus is about to give us that glimpse of Hell so pay close attention.
There are three words in the Hebrew language that are translated as HELL.​ ​
Sheol – the grave
Hades – Hell before Jesus died on the cross
​Gehenna – “Valley of Sorrow” Hell after Jesus died on the cross
We also see ​”Lake of Fire” – Hell and death will be thrown into the lake of fire -Revelation 20:14
Read Luke 16:23-24. The first things I notice are about the rich man himself. He HAS eyes and can SEE. He HAS a tongue and can FEEL discomfort. He wants relief to cool his tongue. He can REASON that water on his tongue will relieve his torment. He RECOGNIZES Abraham and Lazarus. He REMEMBERS them. Then I notice the rich man’s description of the place. He is in TORMENT. The word torment is used 4 times in this parable. He is “IN THIS FLAME.” And I think how bad his torment most be to think that someone dipping a finger in water and placing it on your tongue would bring such relief.
Read Luke 16:25-26. Abraham explains there is a great gulf and none can pass over it.
Read Luke 16:27-28. The rich man’s first thought is for himself. But then he remembers his five brothers. He asks Abraham to send Lazarus to his brothers. He doesn’t want them to come to this horrible place of torment. He says if one rose from the dead, they would listen.

Read Luke 16:29-31. Abraham replies they have Moses and the prophets. They have the scriptures. If they won’t listen to the scriptures, they won’t listen even if one is raised from the dead. Jesus tells this parable within weeks of his death and resurrection. If they won’t listen to the scriptures, they won’t listen even when Christ is raised from the dead.

 Hell is REAL – Jesus tells us about it
Heaven and Hell are both prepared places. Of Heaven, Jesus said “…I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again to receive you unto myself.” John 14:2-3
Hell was prepared for the devil and his angels. Matthew 25:41 Hell was not prepared to be a place for us.
These and other passages about Hell come directly from Jesus

 Hell is BAD
Torment – intense and ongoing
Have mercy
Memory – Abraham says “son, remember…” One of the torments of hell will be remembering opportunities to accept Christ. Remorse, regret. Those in hell will remember every time they had an opportunity to accept Jesus and turned away. If you go to hell, you will remember my words today.
Outer darkness – Matthew 8:12, 22:13, 25:30 No light. In Heaven, God will be our light. Revelation 21:23

Weeping and gnashing of teeth – Matthew 8:12, 22:13, 24:51, 25:30
The worm dies not – Mark 9:44,46,48
The fire is not quenched – Mark 9:44,46,48

 Hell is EVERLASTING — Matthew 25:46 Hopelessness. No escape! No way out!
 Hell is separation from GOD. Right now even the wicked receive good things from God. It rains on the wicked and the good. We have godly people who show us compassion and love. All good will be absent from HELL. Love, kindness, friendship, joy will not be present in Hell.
 Hell is a place of choice. God does not send people to Hell. He saves people from Hell. He shows us mercy. Not giving us the punishment we deserve. He gave us free will, choice. If you go to Hell it will be because you choose it. You can trade your ticket to Hell for a ticket to Heaven any time. You choose.
 Hell is AVOIDABLE. One day, when Vice President Calvin Coolidge was presiding over the Senate, one Senator angrily told another to “go straight to hell”. The offended Senator complained to Coolidge as presiding officer, and Coolidge looked up from the book he had been leafing through while listening to the debate. “I’ve been looking through the rule book,” he said. “You don’t have to go.”
 Time is running out. ​The rich man asks for mercy but it is too late.​ Warn my brothers while they still have a choice. ​The harvest is past and we are not saved. Jeremiah 8:20 ​Seek the Lord while he may be found.

One man left a message on his tombstone…his epitaph. It said, “Consider, young man, as you walk by, as you are now, so once was I. As I am now, you soon shall be, so prepare, young man to follow me.” That sounded pretty profound, but one fellow took a knife and scratched a response on the tombstone that read, “To follow you is not my intent; until I know which way you went!”

Bible speaks more about Hell than about Heaven.
30 seconds in Hell or 30 seconds in Heaven – which would impact you more to tell others about their eternal options. The Bible tells us more about Hell than it does about Heaven.

Paul’s burden – Romans 9:2-3, Romans 10:1

Why aren’t we doing more? 90% of our prayers are for selfish needs, 9% for the need of others, 1% for lost souls.

God, through Christ, saved us. Not because of righteous things we have done (To our holy God, our righteousness is as filthy rags. Isaiah 64:6 There is none righteous, no not one…There is none that do good. Romans 3:10,12) but because of his mercy.

If you’ve done nothing about that ticket in your hand, your reservation is still good. If you haven’t traded your ticket, Hell will be your destination.
How do I trade my ticket? Romans 10:9 If you confess with your mouth The Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead, you will be saved. Saved for Hell.

There is one thing worse than going to hell and that is taking someone with you…maybe your child or someone under your influence. Why didn’t you warn me?
 I have seen parents who were saved after their children were grown just weep with regret that their children are now unsaved because of their influence

There is one thing better than going to heaven and that is taking someone with you.


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